News - 7/25/2018

Welcome to the First Official News update of 2018'.

In this update I have News on Provision's Forthcoming New Album,
Breye's Birthday Bash with Provision performing live with Julien-K
at Scout Bar in Houston, and a new Houston local scene night that supports
Provision, and the band would like you to check it out!

So please read on and enjoy!  

Album VI Official Update - July 2018'

Pre-Production and Final Mixdown on the Forthcoming New Provision Album
was completed on May 31st 2018'. The band has since been listening to the
album across multiple systems and devices, and notified me on July 20th
2018' that the album is in fact mixed, produced, and complete!!!

Breye & Ian, have been posting Live Videos shot in the studio at
Red Square Digital, during the official recording and mixing sessions; and
you can find them under the Videos Tab on the
Official Provision Facebook

Just looking at what's been shared so far, we have clips and teasers from
the following tracks: Clarity, Still, Afraid, If This Disintegrates, When
Everything Dissolved, When The Damage Is Done, Decypher, and An Ending
Without A Goodbye!

Even though I've not been given the Official Track Listing or Album Title, this
is a total of 8 tracks! So I can safely say, we have a very large majority of the
new album right here. And I am so completely thrilled for what's to come!!!

Breye has indicated the album only needs to be Mastered, and it will be
ready for release. However, the band has decided not to self release this
time around. Provision is going to shop the album to labels in the hopes of
getting a new record deal as they did with Section 44, and A Different Drum.

I know the fans have been waiting for so very long. I've been waiting right
here alongside you! I fully support Breye & Ian in this decision, and once the
album is released; I just know the wait will have been completely worth it.

If you have yet to see any of the recent studio videos Provision has
uploaded, head over to their Official Facebook page and check them out!

They give you a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Provision, and
illustrate what Breye & Ian have put into the recording and production of
their new album. This is a really special gift the band has given us all by
posting these clips. I only wish more bands would follow their lead in
connecting with their own fans, in such an intimate way.

Breye's Birthday Bash with Julien-K as Provision Returns
to Scout Bar - August 9th 2018'


Thursday, August 9th 2018' – Breye's throwing a Birthday Bash!!
And Provision is giving away FREE TICKETS to his Birthday Party.

Scout Bar Presents:

Julien-K - "California Noir / Summer Tour 2018"
Featuring: Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh - both formerly of Orgy, and
Anthony Valcic - MOEV, Single Gun Theory, Manufacture.

With Special Guests:
The Radio Broadcast
Channel K

@ Scout Bar
18307 Egret Bay Blvd.
Houston, Texas, 77058

Ryan and Amir were at the Heart of the songwriting, programming and
production of ORGY. Anthony Valcic was well know for his work with MOEV,
Manufacture, and Single Gun Theory. With Julien-K, these guys have
combined forces and taken things to the next level! If you have yet to hear
Julien-K, check them out on their Official You Tube Channel here:

Provision is so very Honored to be sharing the stage with Julien-K on the
Houston date of their summer tour!! And they're celebrating Breye's Birthday
on this night, with an Exclusive Set List just for this event!!!

What will this Exclusive Set consist of?? A Brand New Provision song from
their Forthcoming New Album that has NEVER been performed Live?
A Brand New Cover Song that's currently being produced in the studio
RIGHT NOW!! A Classic Provision Track from the Vault, that hasn't been
played in possibly a decade or more?? The band has told me that it could be
any one of these, or ALL OF THEM!!!
You'll have to come out, to see what we they in store for all of you!!!

Breye & Ian have procured tickets for this show which are $12 in Advance,
and $15 at the door the night of the show. However, because it's also
"BREYE'S BIRTHDAY BASH", Provision is giving out tickets to all of their
fans for FREE!!!

What Breye would like most for his Birthday this year, is to see ALL OF YOU
out for this show! So if you'd like FREE TICKETS, simply follow Provision on
Facebook to see when and where we'll be handing them out, or simply
message the band through their Official Facebook Page and they'll get them
to you!

THIS IS AN EARLY SHOW - Doors @ 7:00 pm
Show Starts @ 7:30 pm
This is an ALL AGES Event

Check out the
Live Section for the Official Flyer, Facebook event page link,
and all the important info you need.

This is going to be an incredible night of live music, and Provision has your
FREE TICKETS! Come out and celebrate with Provision, Julien-K, The Radio
Broadcast, and Channel K!!

Das Maschine - Houston's New Dark Dance Monthly
@ Numbers Nightclub

Das Maschine is a collaboration between the minds behind Underworld,
Houston’s longest running Goth/Industrial night, Dj Morbid and Dj G3N3S1S.

The night takes place once a month at Houston’s Legendary Numbers
Nightclub located at 300 Westheimer in the Historic Montrose District.

Das Maschine features 2 rooms of music with 3 of of the best
EBM/Industrial/Darkwave Dj’s Houston has to offer.

Dj Morbid - Dj G3N3S1S - Dj Shane Black

Check out the Official Facebook page here:

The June 2018' Edition of Das Maschine featured the World Premiere of the
song "Clarity" from Provision's Forthcoming New Album, played for the first
time ever by Dj Morbid. It was an incredible evening with both Ian Sol and
Breye Sevenex in attendacne, and the dance floor was packed during the
debut of "Clarity" by Provision.

This month's edition of Das Maschine features
Dj Scott Durand
of Dark Indulgence, who's come in all the way from Lafayette, Louisiana.
Click on the Official Flyer below, for the Official Facebook Event page!

Provision will be in the house at Numbers for this event, and if you would
like your FREE TICKETS to "Breye's Birthday Bash" at Scout Bar with
Julien-K and Provision, simply find Breye or Ian; and ask them for your
FREE TICKETS to the show!!

Das Maschine is Houston's Newest Club Event that you don't want to miss!!
Tell your friends, put on your dance shoes, and come hang out with
Provision, Dj Morbid, Dj G3N3S1S, Dj Shane Black, and Speical Guests Dj
Scott Durand of Dark Indulgence on Saturday Night, July 28th 2018' at
Numbers Nightclub.

300 Westheimer
Houston, Texas, 77006

In Closing

I hate that I don't have more news for all of you, but unfortunately
this is all I have for now from the band.

I promise another News Update will follow very soon!
And I hope to be able to give you some amazing news
on Provision's Forthcoming New Album.

On behalf of Ian Sol, Breye Sevenex and myself,
Thank You all so much for your continued Love and Support,
and checking in here!

Alan Valcic
Provision Webmaster